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Some people on the list have included their phone number so you may contact them directly. If the phone number is not listed please contact us for the info for a particular location on the list.

Find a postal code on the list that is close to your excavation site.

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Total Records Found: 76, showing 100 per page
First NameCubic Yards RequiredWilling to help pay for delivery?City/AreaPostal CodePhone #
David 5-10 No Kanata K2K3B6 613-899-1602
Amber 30-50 Yes Ottawa K1K0Y9
Vanessa 10-20 No Embrun K0A 1W0
Gene 1-5 No Carleton Place/Beckwith K7C 0C4
Jessica 50-100 No Franktown area K7A 4S7
Erin 50-100 No Ottawa K0A1B0 6139154344
Sandra 100-200 Yes Ottawa K1G3N4
Forrest 20-30 Yes Carp K0A1L0
Julie 30-50 Yes Clarence Creek K0A 1N0
Casey 50-100 No Elizabethtown K6T 1A5
Jim 30-50 No Alta vista, ottawa K1h5y9
jeff 10-20 No metcalfe k0a2p0 9053489549
Carolyn MORE than 200! No Ashton K0a1b0
Jennifer 30-50 Yes Kemptville K0G1J0
Brian 10-20 Yes Ashton K0A1B0
carlos 100-200 Yes stitsville/carp k0a1l0
Mary MORE than 200! No KINBURN K0A 2H0 613-203-1199
Scott 10-20 No North Gower K0A 2T0 613-296-2412
Dom MORE than 200! Yes Osgoode / Manotick K4M1B4
James 50-100 Yes Carleton Place K7C 3P1 6138685987
Dennis 10-20 Yes Metcalfe K0A2P0
Erin 50-100 Yes Almonte K0A1A0
Stephanie MORE than 200! No Casselman K0A1M0
John 20-30 Yes Vanier-Overbrook K1K 3G8 613-866-6851
Scott 30-50 Yes Carleton Place K7C4K4 6138971311
Lesley 100-200 No Osgoode K0A 2W0 613-290-2270
Carolyn 10-20 Yes Kemptville K0G 1J0 613-402-6479
Kim 1-5 Yes Nepean K2E5R9
Maria 50-100 Yes Ottawa K1K 2A7 613-744-1234
Michael MORE than 200! Yes Carleton Place K7C0C4 6136171907
C 20-30 Yes Hull J9a0a8
Stephen MORE than 200! Yes Carp/Kanata/Dunrobin K2W 1B5 613-991-8172
David MORE than 200! Yes Greely K4P 0C7 514-941-0132
Randy MORE than 200! No Ottawa K2C 1Y1
Rob 1-5 Yes Ottawa k1k1n6
Jeff 50-100 Yes Kemptville K0G 1J0
Ralph MORE than 200! Yes Kemptville K0g1j0 613-302_0236
Olivier MORE than 200! No Gatineau J9J 1K6 4388887688
Robert MORE than 200! No Russell K4R 1E5
Jon MORE than 200! Yes Cobden K0J1K0
Tyson 1-5 Yes Ottawa K1T 3J5 5146322447
Susan 5-10 No Carlsbad Springs K0A 1K0
Alain MORE than 200! Yes Metcalfe/Greely K0a2p0
Kevin 30-50 Yes Ottawa - Greely K1X0A4 613-294-2222
Richard 100-200 Yes Kinburn K0A2H0
Mike 1-5 Yes Manotick K0a2e0 6132235121
Jason 5-10 Yes Ottawa K1L 7X5 613-867-6043
Roger 50-100 No Oxford Mills (Kemptville) K0G 1S0
Paul MORE than 200! No Cumberland K4C 1K4 613-883-5373
Michelle MORE than 200! Yes Limoges K0A2M0 613-791-8911
Aaron 1-5 Yes Ottawa, Vanier K1L 5J6
Terry 50-100 Yes CARP K0A1L0 613-437-9005
Jeff 10-20 Yes Metcalfe K0A2P0 9053489549
Eric 30-50 No Osgoode K0A2W0
Kelly MORE than 200! Yes Dunrobin K0A 1t0 613-294-9407
Shawn 1-5 No Rockland K4K 1E9
Kari-Anne 10-20 No Ottawa K1V 8M2
randy 5-10 Yes can pick up j0x1a0 613-277-4711
Wesley 50-100 Yes Carelton place K7c0c5
Francis MORE than 200! No Hammond K0A2A0
Al 100-200 Yes Dunrobin K0A 1T0
Preston MORE than 200! Yes Carp/Almonte K0A1L0 613-581-7003
Candace 5-10 Yes Ottawa/Nepean Central K2E 7V9
Stephan 100-200 Yes Kanata K2W1B5
Mark 10-20 No Stittsville K2S2G3
Elayna 1-5 Yes Nepean K2H5V7
Sarah MORE than 200! Yes Kemptville K0G1J0 613-762-2328
Erin MORE than 200! Yes Clayton, Almonte K0A1A0
Galina MORE than 200! No Dunrobin K0A 1T0
Bernie MORE than 200! No Perth K7H 3C3
Heidi MORE than 200! Yes Almonte K0a1a0 6132569448
Darren MORE than 200! Yes Greely K4P1G4 6132915394
Frank MORE than 200! No Ottawa K2m0b6 612 620 2383
Rosie MORE than 200! No Smiths Falls K7A 4S4 905 251 0674
Richard 10-20 Yes Ottawa K0A 1B0 613 915 6904
Anthony MORE than 200! No Beckwith K7C