Contractors With Fill

There are people who Need FREE Clean Fill in the Ottawa area!

You may have a project that requires removal of clean fill materials. Instead of paying by the ton to get rid of it at a dump site, why not bring it to someone who needs it, and dump it for FREE.

You can figure out if there is a location close to your excavation site by searching the postal code in Google Maps


If you are a contractor or just looking to get rid of some excavated clean fill why not contact someone on our CLEAN FILL LIST. This is currently a free service but any donations to help keep it that way would be appreciated.

Some people on the list have included their phone number so you may contact them directly. If the phone number is not listed please contact us for the info for a particular location on the list.

If possible, it is better to arrange a site to dump well in advance of the day you plan to start your dig. Sorry, although we make our best efforts to keep the list up to date, it is ultimately the people on the list who need to update there info.  Ground FX cannot guaranty that the person you will contact will  still be in need of clean fill.