Hot tub/Spa Moving and Repairs

Like a car, as your hot tub/spa gets older things tend to start breaking down. Many things can go wrong with an older hot tub/spa such as leaks, pump problems, sensors breaking down, and other electrical problems.

If your hot tub is in need of repairs or needs to be moved/relocated, one of our experienced technicians can help you out.

You should contact us if you are wondering:

How do I move my hot tub / spa into my backyard from the driveway?

How do I move my hot tub / spa from my old house to my new house?

How do I sell a used hot tub / spa?

How do I move a used hot tub /spa I just bought?

How do I hook up the electricity to a hot tub / spa?

We don’t take chances! We are a fully insured company, including WSIB insurance for our employees. When it comes to your spa we don’t want you to take a chance with your electrical installation. It may be working but it may not be safe. We always recommend a licensed electrician to do the electrical hook up for your spa.  Your spa electrical installation involves a new GFI breaker in the electrical panel on your home. Always ask the technician to see his Electrician license before he performs the work. A bad installation can cause a fire in your home as well as put you at risk of electrocution in your hot tub. We will be happy to refer you to a qualified technician if you would like.

If your tub has lived a long life and it is time to put it out to pasture, we can remove and dispose of it properly for you as well. We can also replace it with a new one if you would like!

Hot tub/Spa parts available including high quality covers, built for Canadian winters.

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