Renovations vs. Removal/Fill In

Do you own a property with an old swimming pool that you don’t need orFree Estimate Arrow want anymore?

Trying to sell a property with a pool that is in horrible condition?

We can sometimes bring a swimming pool back to life with renovations that will have it looking  and working like brand new again.

If you are wondering:

How much will it cost to repair / fix my swimming pool in Ottawa?

How do I remove my swimming pool in Ottawa?

How do I fill in my swimming pool in Ottawa?

How much will it cost to fill in my swimming pool in Ottawa?

Can I build or landscape on top of a filled in swimming pool?

There are many problems an older pool may have. Updating it may include removal and replacement of the concrete around the top of the pool as well. We would have to assess your pool’s needs.

On the other hand, if it becomes more trouble than it’s worth it may be time to just fill it in! 

Care must be taken when removing a swimming pool. There is more to it than just pumping out the water and filling in the hole with dirt. There are steps that need to be taken including removal of the walls and breaking the concrete to ensure drainage.

We use high quality material for filling in your pool.  It is purchased from local quarries and is the best material for the job. The material is guaranteed to be contaminant free. We compact the material and include reinforcement to the area to prevent sinkage. This allows us to offer a guarantee against settling.

We will take the correct steps and ensure your renovation or removal and fill in will be done properly and legally.  Don’t let just anybody fill in your pool. GFX has the knowledge and the guaranty to ensure it is removed and filled in correctly.