Swimming Pool Renovations | Restorations | Repairs


Is your swimming pool looking run down? Bring your swimming pool back to life with an overhaul. Most times an outdated pool can be restored to new condition. If it’s time to change the vinyl liner anyway, why not make some changes that will bring that old pool up to current standards.

There have been major improvements over the years in what is available for your pool. Some of the changes could include a new entry system, adding a slide or water feature, lighting, energy efficient pumps and filtration systems, salt systems and pro logic systems that will help lower operating costs and even let you keep your pool adjusted by the touch of a button on your Smartphone.

Besides the components of your pool the surrounding area can also by updated. The decking might be concrete, wood, or patio stones. Whatever it is now can updated to fresh concrete or interlocking brick. We can make your pool area look like it was just installed!

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